Tzedek (‘Justice’ in Hebrew) is an Australian-based support and advocacy group for Jewish victims/survivors of child sexual abuse—promoting their needs and interests and offering them and other relevant stakeholders a range of services.


A Jewish community free of child sexual abuse.


  • To support and advocate for Jewish victims/survivors of child sexual abuse and their families
  • To raise awareness and create a cultural change in relation to child sexual abuse
  • To educate the community including children, parents and organisations
  • To empower members of the Jewish community to be able to prevent, recognise and address child sexual abuse for themselves and others



During December 2013, I posted certain statements on Tzedek’s website and on my personal Facebook page and permitted a third party to post a statement on Tzedek’s website, which referred to allegations made against Rabbi Abraham Glick.

In particular, I posted certain statements that suggested to some that Rabbi Glick was guilty and permitted a third party to post a statement stating that Rabbi Glick had admitted to the allegations made. I accept that those statements about Rabbi Glick were false and inaccurate, and accept and believe that Rabbi Glick was at all times completely innocent of the allegations made.

I unreservedly apologise to Rabbi Glick and his family and retract those statements.

Manny Waks