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Jun 09 2016
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The wall of shame saved my son's life

Posted on 8 May 2015


The wall of shame saved my son's life

Jewish Community Watch
3 May 2015

My story, unlike most others at JCW, has a happy ending.  This story ends happily for two reasons: The Grace of God and the existence of Jewish Community Watch.

Although I would find great satisfaction in naming names, I'm afraid it would distract from the point of sharing this. I'm going to tell my story in a generic fashion because my point here is to express to you through first-hand experience how JCW is saving lives and for you to better understand how a pedophile works in his efforts to victimize.  Without question, JCW saved the lives of my son and his friends.

To read this article, please click here.


Child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers

Posted on 14 April 2015

Child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers: A synthesis of current evidence

Executive Summary

The aim of this evidence review is to determine the efficacy of pre-school child sexual abuse prevention programs.

A literature search identified 113 potential articles: a review of abstracts and full text refined the list to a selection of 23 articles that were included in the present evidence review.

Child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers appear to be effective at increasing young children's ability to detect inappropriate touch requests, and increase their behavioural skills around what to do and say, who to tell and what to report if confronted by an inappropriate touch request.

Prevention programs for pre-schoolers are well received by parents and pre-school teachers, and appear not to have adverse effects (for example, increases in fear and anxiety) for pre-schoolers.

There is very limited evidence to suggest whether child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers have an effect on rates of disclosure of child sexual abuse.

Very few studies have evaluated the cost effectiveness of child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers.

Study limitations, including very small samples sizes, limit the generalisability of results. More methodologically rigorous studies using large, culturally diverse samples of pre-schoolers are required before strong conclusions can be made about the overall efficacy of child sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-schoolers.


To download a pdf of the full report please go to


Royal Commission subpoenas Jewish organisations

Posted on 2 December 2014
Royal Commission subpoenas Jewish organisations

Royal Commission subpoenas Jewish organisations

The Australian Jewish News
Joshua Levi
2 December 2014

JEWISH organisations across Australia have been asked to provide documents to the federal governments Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Subpoenas have been sent to large organisations, such as Yeshiva in Sydney and Yeshivah in Melbourne, as well as specific people within organisations.

The subpoenas ask the individuals or organisation to provide any relevant information that the Royal Commission would need to uncover where systems have failed to protect children.

At this stage no one has been asked to appear in front of the Royal Commission, but after reviewing the information provided, the Royal Commission will have an option to hold public hearings.

Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia (ORA) president Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant told The AJN this does not appear to be targeted at individuals, but rather indiscriminately at organisations and institutions within the Jewish community.

"I believe that each organisation has been cooperative, and I have every confidence in the Royal Commission that they will conduct their investigations in a professional and appropriate manner," Rabbi Kluwgant said.

"I think this will be good for victims of child sexual abuse and good for the community at large."

The chairman of the Royal Commission, Justice Peter McClellan, said late last month that, from the material already gathered, it is apparent that the commission will have to document a period in Australian society when institutions failed the children in their care.

"We have gained an understanding of failures to protect children in residential facilities, schools including boarding schools, Christian churches of every character, Jewish organisations, kindergartens, after-school care, sporting organisations, dance classes, music organisations, scouts, hospitals and other institutions", Justice McClellan said.

To date three people have been found guilty of charges relating to child sexual abuse at Jewish institutions in Sydney and Melbourne during the 1980 and 90s.

Last year, a former teacher at Yeshivah College, Melbourne, David Kramer was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, with a non-parole period of 18 months, after pleading guilty to five counts of indecent assault and an indecent act with a child under the age of 16.

Kramer was released on September 29 and has been subsequently deported to the US.

A spokesperson for the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Scott Morrison confirmed that Kramer had been shipped off.

"The individual was removed from Australia to the United States of America in September," the spokesperson told The AJN.

Royal Commission subpoenas Jewish organisations | The Australian Jewish News

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