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Thousands sign petition against Leifer decision

Jun 09 2016
NEWS that former Adass Israel head teacher Malka Leifer will not be returning from Israel to face justice any time soon and will be freed from home detention has caused ...

Extradition effort steps up against fugitive principal Malka Leifer

Jun 07 2016
Victim advocate group Tzedek said two petitions launched since Judge Amnon's ruling had already raised thousands of signatures. In a statement, the group said more ...
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The wall of shame saved my son's life

Posted on 8 May 2015


The wall of shame saved my son's life

Jewish Community Watch
3 May 2015

My story, unlike most others at JCW, has a happy ending.  This story ends happily for two reasons: The Grace of God and the existence of Jewish Community Watch.

Although I would find great satisfaction in naming names, I'm afraid it would distract from the point of sharing this. I'm going to tell my story in a generic fashion because my point here is to express to you through first-hand experience how JCW is saving lives and for you to better understand how a pedophile works in his efforts to victimize.  Without question, JCW saved the lives of my son and his friends.

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